Truck Shop

And Wash Shop Maintenance Services

BAILAC has the experience, staff and technical capacity to offer Truck Workshop Maintenance and Washing Room Maintenance services. Gate systems, electrical systems, pump systems for Wash Shop and civil works are some of the solutions provided by BAILAC to its mining customers.

Maintenance Workshops

The maintenance and repairing of gates is carried out according to a weekly and monthly inspection and maintenance programs on a case-by-case basis. The service includes equipment and qualified personnel qualified in correlation to the maintenance guidelines specified by the  manufacturers.

Activities include:


• Study, Analysis and Inspection of actual conditions.

• Maintenance of parts and components.

• Maintenance of electrical systems such as 220 and 380 volt boards and plugs.

• Maintenance and installation of indoor and outdoor lighting systems of workshops.

• Maintenance of access doors and emergency doors.

• Maintenance of water and waste evacuation grids.

• Maintenance of water and air lines.

• Repair of water leaks.

• Maintenance of workshop ceilings.

Maintenance and Operation

of Truck Washing Rooms

The maintenance of wash rooms or "Wash shops" includes the activities of inspection and maintenance of various key components of the washing system.

Maintenance activities include:


• Maintenance of pumps and rotation of pumps.

• Reparation of water leaks.

• Maintenance and change of pythons.

• Reparation of stairs and handrails enabled.

• Maintenance of the oil and hydrocarbon extraction system.

• Maintenance and cleaning of decanting pools.

• Maintenance and installation of indoor and outdoor lighting and electrical panels.