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Repair and Retreading Services

Bailac offers a system of sectorized tire repairs that, depending on their characteristics, can be performed in or out of the mine, according to the damage that occurred.

Preventive repairs are permanently made to fix operating damage to tires, which can be severe or definitively.

Preventive Repairs

Better known as "prick". For a tire that has not lost its internal operating pressure. In addition to replenishing rubber, the tire structure can be involved. These repairs and retreading increase tire life, generating substantial savings

Cutting Sealings

It is normally applied to tire from the front axle that have been uninstalled for rotation. Multiple preventive repairs can be carried out on the tire, and may even be more than 10 damage repaired simultaneously. With the BAILAC repair system, by means of autoclave vulcanization, the tire repaired in a time according to the customer's needs will be obtained.

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Repair and Retreading

Minor Corrective Repairs


Major Corrective Repairs

They consist of timely repair of damage to a tire from rubber cuts or impacts that reach the steel casing. All tire belts may be fitted, but casing ropes may not be removed. You may need to install a patch to reinforce the structure.

Top Cap consists of recovering the spent rubber, through Preventive Retreading of the Tire. This is done once the rotation of the same is executed, from the front axle to the rear axle, with wears away of 30% on truck tires and 50% on loader tires, returning the original remnant of the same.


Benefits: Increased housing protection, optimizes tire management, maximizes tire life, improves sawtooth wear, and gives efficiency to your tire budget.

Depending on the type of damage presented by a tire, and according to the criticality table, all belts are intervened and the belts are removed from 1 to 4 casing ropes. Requires the installation of a special patch



Partial recovery of rubber consumed during the life of the tyre

  • It is 25% cheaper than the hourly cost of a new tire in the rear position.
  • You can recover decommissioned tires.
  • Eliminates the use of new tires in the rear position.
  • Reduces environmental impact.
  • Helps maintain tire budget.

Tires not only cause damage in the rolling belt sector, the side area is also affected. Sometimes multiple damages are generated in this sector, being more convenient for the user, to process all these damages at the same time with a Fender.


A Fender consists of simultaneous repair of the damage of the side sector by installing a new rubber layer.


PLUS+ consists of overlaying the rolling band of the tire in use, a thin rubber band of +- 20 mm. (Maintaining the original tire design), which due to the wear speeds between front and rear position, brings working hours at a very low cost.

Tap Rap Special Repairs

Thanks to our innovation spirit, new patching techniques for oversized damage have begun to be applied. The use of Tap Rap patches is a refined method for repairing a wide range of tire injuries, which provide guaranteed flexibility in every way. Specifically developed for tires with high remaining rubber (greater than 80 mm) that have critical damage – NOT REPAIRABLE – through a traditional method.


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