R&D Solutions

In search of solutions that promote the sustainability of operations with the incorporation of state-of-the-art tools, Bailac has an area of Innovation and Development dedicated to the exploration and execution of technologies that optimize the service of OTR tire maintenance and management.

OTR Tire Monitoring System: BAILAC GTS

Designed to improve safety, increase fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs. With GTS, Bailac's work is more efficient for the industry and safer for people.

¿What is it?


It consists of a sensor kit that are installed on the tires, sending pressure, temperature, trajectory, speed and geographic location information in real time. The information can be transmitted to the dispatcher, cabin operator, or station receiver. Cab alarms can alert drivers to deviations from potential disasters.

PASCUAL ETM: Specialized Tire Management Software

Technological advances are key allies in Bailac's services. Examples include Pascual ETM, software that optimizes the management and administration of Tires, Rims and OTR equipment chains.

This software keeps a complete electronic record of tire status and activities: from its entry to the operation to the end of its lifespan.

By including it as part of Bailac’s service, it is used as a tire and component resume, as it has the data needed to create and keep a good maintenance strategy according to each truck fleet.



• Control of interventions to tires, rings, chains, sensors, etc.

• Remaining rubber check information, pressures and temperature.

• Shipping and receipt of repaired or retread tires, rims and/or chains.

• Life control of any component.

• Tire damage control.

• Generation of reports and graphs.

• Easy-to-navigate system.

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