Mission and Vision:

Deliver to our customers, a safe service of comprehensive maintenance of OTR tires, applying engineering and technology that contributes to the productivity of your business.


To be recognized as the best company in security, engineering and technology applied to the service of our customers.

Our Values:

With my team: I will relate to all my equipment harmoniously, affectionately, transparently and always giving them all my support.


In my work: I will be honest and take advantage of my work as an opportunity to grow and develop and be better.


My attitude: I will face all the difficulties of my way to be better with a positive attitude of warrior, always struggling to get ahead and i will never, ever, ever, give myself up.

Group of Companies

The BAILAC group today consists of different companies, which are oriented to meet the multiple needs of our customers, covering an interesting and rich range of disciplines, mainly oriented to the mining market.


Our operations are strategically directed from our headquarters throughout the country, covering Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas and abroad (Argentina, Brazil), through Offices, Plants and Workshops. In order to give a better and more effective support, our operation is based on the following companies:


Services & Products in North Zone.



Repairs and Retreading North Zone.



Services & Products Central-South Zone.



Repairs and Retreading Downtown Area - South.



Import and sale of equipment and supplies for tires.



Services, Retreading and Repairs tires OTR in Argentina.



Services, Retreading and Repairs tires OTR in Brazil.


Our Customers

Today BAILAC provides services and solutions to the largest mining companies  worldwide. Within our customers are found:

Comprehensive Policy:

We are a company dedicated to the Integral Tire Maintenance Service and other related services that generate savings for our customers, where excellence in our service together with strategic planning, are essential to achieve it.

This is why we define as a comprehensive policy on quality, environment, occupational safety and health, the following commitments.

·To promote compliance with customer requirements in the services provided by our organization.


·To Identify and measure customer expectations and implement the necessary improvements to increase their satisfaction.


·To form a team trained and motivated, oriented to provide a service that meets the standards proposed by our customers.


·To Control and minimize the operational risks of our tasks to prevent occupational injuries and diseases.


·To Control and prevent environmental pollution that our processes could generate.


·Promote the well-being of the surrounding communities, enhancing relationships in an environment of closeness and cooperation.


·To Comply with our customers' requirements, applicable legal and regulatory standards in matters of quality, safety, occupational health and the environment.


·To Ensure the continuous improvement of our service and the sustainability of the business.


The Management and each collaborator of our company, undertake to fully comply with this Policy and act every day accordingly with it, since it is the only way to build the company that we want.