Welding Maintenance Service

BAILAC has within its portfolio of services the maintenance and structural repair processes of mobile mining equipment and infrastructure in general.

We have specialized and qualified technical personnel for the application of structural welding procedures and specific welds on the main components of mining equipment.

Our expertise

is oriented to:

  • Reparation of mining components: hoppers, buckets, shovels, drill towers, racks, chassis, etc.
  • Manufacture piece and component’s parts: Platforms, scales, frames, static rest columns, shovel arm support, tire support and mobile turn boxes, etc.
  • Welding recovery: Sproket, roller frame, bogies, rollers, wheels, etc.
  • Lightweight and heavy boilers: Manufacture of steel structures.

Special Welding


  • Mechatronics and Metrology.
  • Depth of bushings with Nitrogen.
  • field Machining and turning.

Spot Services:

  • Field welder service: Qualified and specialized welders for maintenance, repair and manufacture of steel structures in the field.
  • Inspection and evaluation of rims by NDT: Blast cleaning, inspection with penetrating liquids and paint.
  • Overhaul of components: In and out of work.

One of the great benefits for our customers is that BAILAC can offer attractive technical proposals, by taking advantage of its installed capacity in work thanks to its tire maintenance service and thus perform synergy with the administrative endowment of the contract.

Lower endowment

Lower FTE

Lower cost

Higher security